About Relinquishment

When it comes to relinquishing a child or children, it is important to understand that there are a number of myths that should be corrected.

It is a myth that the grief of relinquishment is the same process as other grief reactions.

  • The effects of relinquishment – the loss of a child by adoption – are negative and long-lasting.
  • The loss remains constant, even when contact is established with lost sons or daughters.
  • There is an increasing sense of loss. The grief does not diminish as in other grief reactions. This feeling of loss may be worse on birthdays and other family occasions.
  • This loss of the right to parent a first child may affect subsequent parenting.
  • The secrecy needed by society to cope with adoption imposes guilt, shame, worthlessness and loss of self-esteem on natural mothers, ulimately affecting their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual health.
  • That secrecy also damages the child it is claimed to protect.
  • All relationships are affected, ultimately adversely, by the above affects of relinquishment
  • Todays “Open Adoptions” do not guarantee continued access to your child. You need to protect your on going rights by having your own legal representation at any signing of documents.